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Sequential Holiday Wish List: Danny Truong

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As previously mentioned, the key to ending this recession quickly is the purchase of mass quantities of comic books. To this end, we present a special Boxing Day edition of the Holiday Wish List, courtesy of another loyal Sequential reader.

Readers are encouraged to send Sequential their own responses to our survey. If you keep sendin' 'em, I'll keep runnin' 'em.

1. Name: Danny Truong (blogger) at (That's the Heavy) and all around nice guy....except when I am not!

2. What was the best book published in 2008? (comix/manga/strips/history/webcomic/etc)
Action Comics - Geoff Johns and Gary Frank at their best!
Joker HC - A more realistic, gritty perspective of the Gotham underground from the mind of crime specialist, Brian Azzarello, and the artistic rendering of Lee Bermejo.
Justice Society of America - Admittedly, there has been way too much Gog and Damage love for the last couple of months, but the Kingdom Come storyline has been moving at a gradual but pleasant pace for the patient readers.

2. a) Best Canadian book?
Essex County v3: The Country Nurse by Jeff Lemire - The final book in the Essex County Trilogy is also the best of the three.

3. What 2008 comic would you recommend for a young boy (5-10)?

Tiny Titans - Just simple fun mini-stories with little easter eggs for the long term Teen Titans fans.
Billy Batson & The Magic of SHAZAM! - If you liked and thought Jeff Smith's version was cute, pick up the Mike Kunkel version because it seems to be a lot of fun. Too bad it is bi-monthly,

4. What 2008 comic would you recommend for a young girl (5-10)?
Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade - I would have trouble making a recommendation, but this title recently came out. Okay first issue

5. What 2008 comic would you recommend for a teen boy?
Avengers: The Initiative - Still one of Marvel's most unsung books. It was created out of Civil War, took part in World War Hulk and was a major infiltration point for the Skrulls during Secret Invasion. And some of its main characters are teenagers.
Teen Titans: Year One - Karl Kerschl on art, colours are amazing, unfortunately storyline wasn't the greatest. Still, teenage angst on a maily male dominated team.

6. What 2008 comic would you recommend for a teen girl?

New York Four by Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly - Young girl learning to live life in the big city.
The War of Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks - Harry Potter for females, minus the magic.
Chiggers by Hope Larson - About having all your friends grow apart and learning to meet new friends.
Skim by Mariko & Jillian Tamaki - Lesbian goth learning to deal with an unrequited love....for her teacher.

7. What 2008 comic would you recommend for an adult woman 18-100?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 - Joss Whedon and the Scooby gang fought Japanese Vampires and future Buffy (aka Fray) during this past year. Also, another showdown between Buffy and Faith.
Birds of Prey - Hasn't been the same since Gail Simone left the title, but when she was on, this was the premiere female DC title.
Supergirl - Sterling Gates (with collaboration from Geoff Johns) has managed to stear this sinking ship around and simplify the confusing backstory by explaining the past 30 oh so issues was because of Kryptonite for me!

8. What 2008 comic would you recommend for an adult man 18-100?
Action Comics - It is really amazing what Geoff Johns has done with Superman - make him cool! Johns has de-cluttered a lot of the crazy Superman storylines and characters. What he has done is streamline and set up a more concise Superman universe for years to come.
Justice Society of America
X-Force - Okay, this has been non-stop action in the X-Universe with a lot of surprising twists, violence, blood, death, and even resurrections! For those intrigued with the world of black ops, imagine if you combine the might of the X-Men's Wolverine, his cuter female clone, X-23, the angel of death, Archangel, join them up with a bunch of b-lister X-Men, and really let the kids' glove off of them!

9. What comic would you most like to receive as a gift?

Any art books/sketchbooks by renowned cartoonists and artists! The Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle, Superman & The Legion of Super-Heroes HC by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

10. Was 2008 a good year for comics? Was it a good year for you? What effect will this recession thing have? Just some random thoughts and people can agree or disagree....apologies if it seems incoherent.

I did not even have that one titles that I would regularly pick up on a month by month basis in 2008.

The superhero genre that is renown-ly carried by the big two, Marvel & DC comics, had horrendous storylines for 2008. This included the ending of Spider-Man's "One More Day", Final Crisis, Trinity, Ultimates 3, Ultimate Origins, Batman R.I.P., and probably the worst storyline of the year, Countdown to Final Crisis. On top of that, a lot of titles lost steam this year including Buffy TVS, Runaways, Amazing Spider-Man, Justice League of America, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers. Some titles just did not get off the ground including Young X-Men, X-Men: Legacy, Titans, Logan, Marvel Apes and Cable.

There were a few good storylines like X-Men: Messiah Complex and Secret Invasions, but for the most part, it was not an enjoyable year.

Variant covers continue to grow exponentially this year from more Zombie variants, Skrull variants, Monkey Variants, Villains Variants, and the ratio ordering variants. The over saturation of these covers may gain some immediate returns from the 'collectors' market, but will overall hurt the industry in the longer run until it stops.

Dear god! DC Comics decided to go with Grant Morrison rather than Geoff Johns to write two of their major storylines for 2008! :-o

As for the recession, we have already seen what the recession has done on the comic book industry in 2008 including the closing of companies like Virgin Comics or downsizing like Devil's Due Press and even Wizard Entertainment. On top of that, with the decision of Marvel to raise comic book prices on some titles to $3.99US, you are going to see even less purchases, titles completely dropped, less support of your comic book shops and more Amazon purchases.

I always said that reprinted covers and tons of variant covers were the first sign of the comic book apocalypse. Publishers got greedy, choosing to push quantity rather than quality products again. You are going to see an increase in smaller publishers feeling the crunch....are there still small publishers?!?

Also, a Scott Pilgrim book was not published in 2008. :-(

Anyways, to the crew of SEQUENTIAL and its readers, I hope everyone's Christmas/Holiday season has been enjoyable thus far and here's hoping to a prosperous New Year!


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